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Get ready for Smart Surat 2.0!

Sun Dec 1, 2019 Comment By : Surat Municipal Corporation

Digital India is a vision which carries infinite amount of potential when it comes to bringing winds of change in our daily governance, from creation of transparency between government and people to making each & every government facilities available online for the ease of the citizens. The handle “Digital India” carries a wide vision which is must for any progressive country in the 21st Century.  We are happy to announce that Surat Municipal Corporation has been pretty successful in providing most of their services online, to much delight of citizens of all ages. Surat Municipal Corporation has developed different apps that take care of most of the facilities that are physically provided by any local municipal corporation of the world. First app in this list is SMC APP  this app is basically a one stop solution for most of the general needs of any citizen, from getting online copies of birth and death certificates to online payment of property tax, professional tax and water meter bills. One can even launch one’s individual complaints and take appointment for one’s newborn’s vaccination with the use of this diverse app. Another app that makes Surati citizen’s life easier is Citylink app, this app is for the daily commuters and student as one can find availability of buses and can even track route of the desired BRTS or Citylink buses, these acute locations will be provided through GPS system which inbuilt in all the new buses running on the BRTS lanes of Surat city. Surat has rich cultural heritage which can be explored through the use of Heritage walk app, which sort of becomes your local guide or companion leading you to amazing historical places which unravel a deeper truth about deep rooted Surat’s cultural heritage. The fourth app is Surat Smart City App which gives you a in detail summary of projects taken under Surat Smart City initiative. Another really  useful app provided by Surat Municipal Corporation is SAFAL app where one can find all sort skilled and unskilled labor on demand like Carpenter, Care Taker, Contractors, Cook, Engineer, Fitter, Technician, Operator, Office Boy, Painter, Nurse, Sweeper, Plumber or Welder. Another important service is “Surat Smart Money Card” one can use it to pay for Taxes, libraries, SMC owned public places & swimming pools, you can also get discounts on City bus & BRTS by paying with “Surat Smart Money Card”.  Surat still has a long way to go in becoming 100% digital, but we can say one thing for sure we’re on a really good path with all of these developments.

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To fulfil Mahatma Gandhi's vision of Clean India, a massive mass movement, the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' was initiated. Swachh Survekshan 2018 scrutinizes the cleanliness of cities in India depending on various aspects, evaluating the mission progress.   Surat Municipal Corporation see...

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