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Usefulness of SMCs digital initiative

29 February, 2020 1 Comments By : Smart City

Digital India is a vision which carries infinite amount of potential when it comes to bringing winds of change in our daily governance, from creation of transparency between government and people to making each & every government facilities available online for the ease of the citizens. The handle “Digital India” carries a wide vision which is must for any progressive country in the 21st Century.  We are happy to announce that Surat Municipal Corporation has been pretty successful in providing most of their services online, to much delight of citizens of all ages. Surat Municipal Corporation has developed different apps that take care of most of the facilities that are physically provided by any local municipal corporation of the world. The facilities that are provided to the citizens under this initiative are,  SMC APP, Citylink app, Heritage walk app, SAFAL app & Surat Smart Money Card. Have you used this app let us know your experience with these apps and please provide your suggestions on what more could be done to make our dream of digital surat to come true!

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    Gopal More 9 month 13 day ago

    my city is clean city

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