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Smart Ways To Reduce Water Wastage

Fri Apr 13, 2018 1 Comment By : Surat Municipal Corporation

Summer is here and the water reservoirs that Surat city depends on for supply of water have depleted to low levels. This ushers an urgent need for conserving the available water by using it judicially and smartly, and prevent water scarcity in the months to come.

SMC supplies potable water of more than 1150 MLD to citizens, out of which more than 95% is consumed by domestic consumers. Since the maximum utilisation of the water is by the domestic consumers, water conservations efforts need to have the support of every Surati. Efforts by citizens in conserving water in households and change in their water usage habit while carrying out daily chores will play a vital role. Following are the areas where citizens are expected to contribute in water conservation:

  1. Plugging and repairing all leaking water pipe connections, faucets and fittings
  2. Reuse and recycle of kitchen waste water for Gardening and Plantation purpose instead of draining off in sewer
  3. Reuse leftover water from RO systems in households for washing
  4. Reuse of water utilised in washing clothes, in the toilet
  5. Use of water savers
  6. Use of a tub for rinsing / cleaning of food items like fruits, vegetables, rice etc instead of rinsing / cleaning them under a running tap

for bathing

  1. Optimum load utilisation of Washing Machine
  2. Not keeping the tap running while brushing or shaving
  3. Installation of ball valve, level sensors to avoid spillages and overflow from Overhead Tanks

In Surat city, the sewage treatment plant salvages Tertiary Treated Water which is supplied for reuse in Industrial Sectors. Another Sewage Tertiary Treatment Plant is being set up, which will have double the capacity of the current one.

The water from Secondary Sewage Treatment is used in Gardens, Parks, Dividers with a total daily consumption of more than 300,000 liters and is expected to reach up to 30,00,000 liters shortly.

Since recycled waste water is used in Gardens, SMC plans to install sewage treatment plants within gardens. The pilot project shall be in Kavi Kalapi Garden - Adajan area, wherein 1 MLD capacity plant is being executed, currently. Once commissioned successfully, the same practice shall be replicated in other gardens too. As a Smart City, Surat has Zero Liquid Discharge projects under implementation and will be operational by March 2019 through which, on a daily basis, 34 MLD of water shall be recycled.

In the long run, to help resolve water scarcity, 382 Rain Water Harvesting Structures have been executed across the city in various Municipal Properties for percolation of rain water and recharging ground water during the monsoons. If we all make small efforts towards conserving water, we can make a huge difference to the water availability in Surat.

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    jayesh patel24 November, 2018

    sir, we have a complaint that S.m.c..water which is coming to our home is very slow

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