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Rainy season asks for more cautions

Tue Jul 7, 2020 Comment By : Surat Municipal Corporation

The COVID pandemic is peaking in terms of the numbers of cases & from the looks of it, it seems like COVID hygiene is going to be an essential part of our “new normal” lifestyle for the days to come.  While SMC is taking some important preventive measures against the pandemic, it is our duty to partake in this initiative. Mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya & Elephantiasis cause serious damage to one’s immune system and could prove lethal if not taken seriously. As mosquitos only breed in stagnant or standing fresh water, here are some ways to prevent Mosquito infestation in your house or near your street & surrounding areas.

∙        If you notice symptoms like fever, fatigue, and ague, contact your nearest Government healthcare center without a delay.

∙        Get rid of the potholes near your house or spray kerosene on them to prevent the Mosquitos from laying eggs inside.

∙        Clean, dry and tightly seal the openings of open vessels, open sewers, tires, sapling pots etc.

∙        Kindly co-operate with the SMC staff who visits various lakes, wells, public fountains and artificial water bodies during the monsoon season to add a fresh supply of larva-eating fishes.

∙        SMC staff pays a visit to almost every household within the city’s limits for a general medical inquiry. Answer their questions honestly for your own wellbeing & do not hide any sort of symptoms of illness.

∙        Fix your leaking taps, broken pipes or leaking water tanks.

∙        If you notice symptoms like fever, fatigue and ague, call our helpline 108. (Available between 8 AM to 8 PM)

Take these preventive measures seriously to save yourself & your family from the mosquito-borne diseases. Let’s fulfill SMC’s vision, let’s work for a Mosquito-Free Surat. #MosquitoFreeSurat 

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