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Surat’s Resolution2020: No. 1 Banega Surat

Mon Jan 4, 2021 Comment By : Surat Municipal Corporation

SMC has fought a long & challenging battle to banish the evil of pollution & waste. The results of the SwachhSurvekshan of 2020 clearly reflect our citizens' honest efforts as Surat leaped to #2 from #14 in the cleanest city of India ranks.Surat now shines bright, proving to be a stark example of positive change through good-governance & citizenship engagement. However, we are still far from reaching our maximum potential.SMC’s vision for clean Surat is

1) 100% Plastic Free Surat
2) Purification Of Tapi River
3) 100% segregation of waste
4) Home Composting in every house
5) Zero carbon emission

These are really ambitious goals which will require enormous efforts from the citizens & the SMC alike. But as the record suggests, we have travelled a long way & we’re sure to reach till the very top. In 2018,Surat took a big decision and became one of the very few cities to be declared as a “Garbage Container Free City”. This step was rewarded in theSwachhSurvekshan 2020 by giving us 5 Stars in GFC (Garbage Free City) ratings.Surat is also one of the very few cities to have ODF++ (Open Defecation Free) status. With so many feathers in its hat,Surat has a great chance of winning this SwachhSurvekshan with No 1 spot in the clean city rankings. Reflecting this optimism and strong will of the citizens, this year we’ve launched the campaign #No1BanegaSurat. Hundreds of societies are being visited daily by SMC staff to educate people about different aspects of #Swachhata. Our #SwachhataWarriors are tirelessly sweeping and cleaning the streets of Surat. Now, all our City needs is its citizens' commitment and support. You can play your part as a good citizen by: ·

  • 1) Segregating wet & dry waste.
  • 2) Home composting.
  • 3) Leading cleanliness drives in your area.
  • 4) Reducing the use of single-use plastic.
  • 5) Participating in Citizen feedback activities.
  • 6) Offering “Shramdan” as your city’s #SwachhataVolunteer.

Putting Surat on the top of the Swachh City Rankings should be our new-year resolution for the year 2021. Let’s show the whole nation our commitment towards a cleaner & greener Surat. Iss baar Swachh Survekshan 2021 me #No1BanegaSurat .

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