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With a vision of 100% Waste Segregation, SMC presents: Surti Segregation

Fri Mar 5, 2021 Comment By : Surat Municipal Corporation

Did you know Surat spends an estimated amount of ₹300 crores every year to process non-segregated waste? Most of this waste is produced by us: The citizens of Surat. This later ends up in landfill harming our precious eco-system. A large part of this ₹300 crore can be saved if every household of Surat segregates their waste into 3 bins.

1) Geela Kachra / Wet Waste: Green Bin
2) Sukha Kachra / Dry Waste: Blue Bin
3) Hanikarak Kachra / Hazardous Domestic Waste: Red Bin

However, the major challenge is making citizens actively adopt the new waste segregation system implemented by the Government of India. AIC SURATi LAB, with the help of NPO Innovate 4 India & with the support of Surat Municipal Corporation has brought a unique 3-month waste segregation challenge “Surti Segregathon”. Surati Segragathon will be a 13 weeks-long waste segregation solution challenge where you’ll need to pick your pilot society & with the help of your team of minimum 5 members, you’ll need to innovate & apply a unique solution that will achieve 100% waste segregation in 100% of households. Your innovative solution can earn your team a reward of ₹10,00,000. The challenge doesn’t stop here. After successfully achieving 100% segregation in the 100% pilot households, you’ll be eligible to claim the seed money that will help you re-invest in your pilot project, nurturing it till it becomes a profitable and independent venture that generates income out of waste management.

If you believe that your solution for Surat’s waste segregation challenge is sustainable, scalable, habit-forming, impactful & easy to implement, then it’s your chance to shine!

Take part in Surti Segregathon today & help Surat become India’s only 100% garbage-free city. For registration visit, Surti Segregathon (google.com) For more information, email your queries to waste2wealthsurat@gmail.com SMC ka mission #No1BanegaSurat

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