Competition Terms

Terms and Conditions

  • This competition is open for all.
  • Sr No. Subject/Theme
    1. River Tapi and it's Rejuvenation (તાપી નદી અને તેનું સંરક્ષણ)
  • The slogan shall be of maximum 20 words.
  • The participant have to submit the PDF copy of their hand written slogan for the topic mentioned with explanation and message to community only on from 8th February to 3rd March,2021.
  • The slogan shall be in Hindi, English or Gujarati language only.
  • The slogan is to be written by participant of their own.
  • The slogan shall not violate any regulations of Copyright Act.
  • The skill to explain their message to community, language, presentation and thoughts of participant will be considered for analysis of slogan.
  • Total five winners will be awarded with Cash prizes and certificates. Moreover the selected slogans of winners will be displayed on official website of
  • The decision of authority regarding this competition will be final and will be bound to all participant.