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COVID hygiene is a must if you’re planning to reopen your business

Wed Jun 10, 2020 Comment By : Surat Municipal Corporation

In the last couple of months, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the events from all walks of life. Whether it is the economy, lifestyle, or recreation, COVID-19 has completely changed our life. A lot of these newly adapted changes will remain irreversible until we find a confirmed cure for this virus. However, individuals & big industries have faced almost a quarter of a year’s worth of unemployment & inactivity. Looking at the status quo, everyone’s tendency is to resume work as soon as possible. But before our jobs, industries, offices, retails, and production units start running with 100% efficiency, there are some important guidelines that all must follow for a COVID-safe work environment. Apart from strictly observing the three basic rules to avoid COVID which are maintaining the hand-hygiene, observing social distancing, and wearing masks all the time, there are few other things that can decrease your chances of getting contaminated at your workplace.

  • Working in shifts: Till the COVID pandemic curve is completely flattened, there is no other solution but to divide workforces in shifts so that social distancing can be maintained with ease. 
  • Regular sanitization: Regular & thorough sanitization of the workplace should become a part of the hygiene routine. The importance of sanitizing your offices, washrooms, industrial units, equipment, computers & furniture is vital.
  • Avoiding public gatherings: Let it be large meetings, conferences or something as mundane as employees eating in a common lunch area, all form of congregations should be strictly avoided. Online conferences & eating alone in the workplace should be promoted instead.
  • Educating your employees: COVID education is essential for anyone who plans to move out of the house during this pandemic situation. Establishing some ground rules through webinars & wall signs, providing employees with hand hygiene kits (gloves & masks) is a great way to educate them about COVID hygiene.

Apart from these basic rules, there’s a detailed guide published by Ministry Of Health & Wellness (link: https://www.moh.gov.jm/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/WORKPLACE-PROTOCOL-GeneralRequirements-for-the-Reopening-of-Establishment_May-29-2020.pdf ). SMC has closed down units with adequate numbers of COVID positive cases & has also imposed a severe fine for business owners & customers for breaking COVID safety guidelines. SMC is putting all their efforts to assure the safety of all those warriors who work in this beautiful city.


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