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Feel the warmth of kindness: Surat municipal corporation’s initiative “Samwedna Khushiyo no Pitaro “

Fri Oct 25, 2019 Comment By : Surat Municipal Corporation

Surat Municipal Corporation through their new initiative “Samwedna: Khushiyo no Pitaro” collected wearable clothes in good condition for needy men, women and children, along with toys and other essentials. Suratis thoroughly believe in the motto of prosper and let prosper. But this time Surat Municipal Corporation asked citizens of Surat a tough question, that whether they could find it in their heart to give something that they usually won’t give away, and to everyone's surprise even during such tough times Suratis could find it in their heart to give their good quality clothes in which weren’t used anymore for whatever reasons. There were donation boxes installed in each ward along with donation boxes new advance waste segregation bins were introduced for E-waste, Small plastic bottles and single use plastic bottles. The initiative was introduced on the pre text of Diwali; it’s the time of the year when everyone cleans their house, wardrobes and shop new clothes for the upcoming festive season. During such cleaning lots of old yet useful stuff is found in every household and Surat municipal corporation aptly timed this initiative to utilize these goods for a noble cause, especially when winters are just around the corner when less fortunate people will desperately need good clothing to keep themselves and their children, warm during this season. Thanks to the foresight of our efficient leaders Mayor shree Dr. Jagdish Patel & Commissioner Shree Banchhanidhi Pani, lesser privileged people of Surat will have a safe and warm winter and their kids will have new toys for Diwali. If you want to support Surat Municipal Corporation’s initiative “Samwedna: Khushiyo no Pataro” donate your clothes and other goods at the collection center allotted at your zone. Till 14th October every zone’s community hall, primary schools, suman schools, ward offices, swimming pools and selected gardens will act as collection centers for donation.

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