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  • SMC goes digital

    07 December, 2019 3 Comment

    SMC has launched several different apps so you don’t have to waste time from your busy schedule to move around government offices to get your simple tasks done! First important app is SMC app where many facilities are just a touch away, including birth and death certificate registration and copies, you can submit your professional / property and water tax you can also launch an official complaint ...

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  • Burning garbage on streets of Surat will cost you!

    05 December, 2019 4 Comment

    Surat Municipal Corporation responded to people’s burning demand and has imposed heavy penalties on any individual, government cleaning staff member or private organization, if they are caught induging in the ill practice of burning the leftover garbage in the streets. SMC has taken historical steps when it comes to solid waste management and will not tolerate any such ill practices. Please give u...

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  • Plastic free Surat: from a dream to reality

    05 December, 2019 3 Comment

    Our beloved city Surat is entering into this New Year 2020 as a plastic free city. The visionary initiative of Surat Municipal Corporation found a very mature and positive response from the citizens, vendors and business owners.  SMC observed a complete ban on single use plastic goods, such as plastic pet bottles, all sort of plastic bags, straws and eating utensils. Instead SMC encourages you to ...

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