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Landscaping and Beautification of Our Smart City Surat

18 May, 2018 4 Comments By : KhoobSurat
The popular port city that gained prominence from the 17th Century, Surat, the second largest city in Gujarat state in today a prime location for both commercial and tourism related activities. 
Surat is a modern day example of the perfect confluence of the past and present. Known to be the 'City of Flyovers' Surat has had many lasting influences of various rulers from the Mughal to the Dutch, to the Portuguese and of course the British. This has endowed the city with many elegant structures from the Surat Castle to the European Mausoleums.
Exceptional, architecture, massive features and marvelous feats of engineering collaborated to give grandeur to a new and modern Surat. 
Surat Municipal Corporation has worked to beautify this marvelous city of history to a modern engineered city, now wants to know the public's opinion about beautification of Surat City. Your valuable opinion/inputs would be helpful in beautifying and enhancing the city's ambience.  Share your ideas on how Surat can be beautified more in the Forum.

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    Avish Golakiya 5 year 11 month ago

    Make a at least one public art studio with unique heritage Surat municipal corporation. Design in every more than 80 feet road live speed signals and weather forecast display like European cities. Music festivals, Gastronomic festivals, Educational festivals, Marathons, Job fair, Popularizing the bicycles, Defining the old town of a city, etc.

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    Darshini Vaghani 11 day 17 hour ago

    can we take strict action on spiting of gutkha on road as it makes our surat dirty...???? this is the basic thing we can change

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    Shivkumar Biradar 15 day 5 hour ago

    We can decorate outer sides of our fly-overs with the paintings and collages related to the history of surat. We can also paint/ illustrate the positive aspects of Surat's suffering during plague epidemic and flood of 2006. We can choose the theme according to the locality in which the fly over is.

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    Mihir Jariwala 16 day 9 hour ago

    Instead of putting efforts in beautifying the city, SMC requires to take steps how to save the city from getting polluted. Ganesh Chaturthi is biggest event happening every year and the POP material is utilised for moulding the idols. There are measures and restrictions taken by SMC every year but those are not enough. River Tapi is shrinking day by day and the only reason is people. Can we consider river as river and not Tapi Mata? SMC should not allow Ganesh idols to submerge in River Tapi.

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