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Let's Celebrate Nature-friendly Ganesh Festival

30 August, 2018 2 Comments By : Smart City

Ganesh Chaturthi is around, and as Lord Ganesh is arriving, we try our best in serving the Lord with the adore. The need of the hour is to celebrate in a way that we do not harm our environment i.e an eco-friendly celebration.

Here are a few thoughts that are already in action and/or need to be discussed and implemented.

Eco-Friendly Ganesh Murti (Idol), Decoration and Celebration: We can buy eco-friendly Ganesh murti (Say No to POP Idols please) made from natural and biodegradable substances like soil, coconut, husk etc. Decorations can be done using natural things like flowers, leaves, bamboos, stones, oil lamps, paper products and more.

        - Using kitchen and biodegradable utensils for serving Prashad.
          - Rangoli made from natural colours.
            - Low music to avoid noise pollution.

        Eco-Friendly Ganesh Visarjan: Clay idols visarjan can be easily and conveniently done at home in buckets or in nearby artificial ponds specially prepared by Surat Municipal Corporation for immersion of idols. Please avoid POP idols as doing visarjan of the same harms environment, and the natural water streams like rivers, ponds, lakes etc.

        Tree Ganesh: You can buy a tree Ganesh that has a seed at its base, or the soil formed through eco-friendly visarjan can be put over a seed that turns into a tree. This way, Ganesh would always be with you in the form of a tree bestowing his blessings.

        We further seek your ideas on how we can make this Ganesh festival eco-friendly. And how you as a citizen would be celebrating an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

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          Mitul Vekariya 5 year 10 month ago

          Make Lord Ganesh from tha plastic garbage.... Do not think that how can we make a lord from garbage...just clean all the plastic hygienly and then make Idol of Ganesh...

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          Mihir Jariwala 5 year 10 month ago

          These are the best examples you have shared. But don't know how many people would take into charge. Start taking 50-70% GST on pop/non eco-friendly idols. Also strict measures of not allowing visarjan of pop idols in river. Honourable Commissioner of SMC shall declare the notice immediately and give knowledge to the public via media, newspapers and social media that how disastrous it is for the future generations.

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