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Plastic free Surat: from a dream to reality

05 December, 2019 3 Comments By : Swachh Bharat (Clean India)

Our beloved city Surat is entering into this New Year 2020 as a plastic free city. The visionary initiative of Surat Municipal Corporation found a very mature and positive response from the citizens, vendors and business owners.  SMC observed a complete ban on single use plastic goods, such as plastic pet bottles, all sort of plastic bags, straws and eating utensils. Instead SMC encourages you to opt for a more ecofriendly alternative that gives us an opportunity to go back to our roots and use the products that our ancestors used before the use of plastic became common, which includes the usage of jute or cloth bags, metal water-bottles and leaf-plates. SMC is giving their best efforts to keep our city plastic free, what are the suggestions that can make plastic ban more effective please drop your suggestions below.

PS: Here’s a contact list for plastic waste collection centers, so that your efforts count in keeping Surat plastic free


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    Arti Chauhan 8 month 3 day ago

    we should say "no plastic" because plastic bags are harmful for our health,animals as well as our environment,it's major cause for environment pollution,when we throw it on land it makes soil less fertile. we can use plastic alternative option like paper bag, steel water bottle etc.

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    Harsh raj Gohil 8 month 6 day ago

    you can share a list of banned plastic items and alternative of plastic, also check availability of plastic alternatives in surat, if it's not available in surat you can try to make it available

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    sankalp kulkarni 8 month 6 day ago

    No plastic is a great initiative, but we can also do a lot of things to make this implication accurate. We can change packaged food covers to be of more eco friendly material than plastic. We can have door to door, or if not door to door recycle garbage cans where one can dispose their plastic and other recyclable goods which one can assure, that it will be disposed of properly.

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