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Burning garbage on streets of Surat will cost you!

05 December, 2019 4 Comments By : Swachh Bharat (Clean India)

Surat Municipal Corporation responded to people’s burning demand and has imposed heavy penalties on any individual, government cleaning staff member or private organization, if they are caught induging in the ill practice of burning the leftover garbage in the streets. SMC has taken historical steps when it comes to solid waste management and will not tolerate any such ill practices. Please give us your suggestions, requests and highlight areas that lack implementation in that field!

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    JITENDRA VAGHELA 8 month 3 day ago

    It will cost only when Smc staff catch them. Else if you go near railway track than tons of plastic is being burnt everyday without by roktok. Once I had complaint Smc portal the reply was that that railway track in not under Smc you can contact railway when I contacted railway authority they said our waste is everyday is collected by Smc waste collector. Now being a single citizen how can catch them.

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    Arti Chauhan 8 month 3 day ago

    Agree with this action that taken by SMC. Because it's harmful for human and causes air pollution,people can do complaint to SMC if they found anyone garbage burning .

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    sankalp kulkarni 8 month 6 day ago

    It's a great step, SMC has listened to people's demand and taken the right step. But, the question is who will fine these people? Will police do it, SMC staff will take care of it internally or citizen's who share photograph of garbage burning will be taken as a complaint and action will be taken on respective area in-charge of cleaning staff. Please clarify the process so that others can also understand this new law.

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    Harsh raj Gohil 8 month 6 day ago

    Nice, this Punishment will make our city cleaner, you can also take the help of CC tv Cameras and Local people, people can take photos and send it to SMC.

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